Title Published Date
Negligence without actually speeding 04 November 2015
Outside course of employment 30 October 2015
Suspended prison sentence dependent upon payment of contribution towards costs 23 October 2015
Howz That! 27 August 2015
Driving without insurance: prosecution evidence: reverse burden 03 July 2015
Failure to recognise hazard of pedal cyclist 23 June 2015
Whiplash forseeability on theme park ride 16 June 2015
CN attaches to pedestrian, despite speed. 04 June 2015
Causes of action: contributory negligence: ex turpi causa: road traffic accidents 05 May 2015
No Casual Link to Trip 24 March 2015
Employer's breach caused the employee's death 21 January 2015
Bus Driver Not at Fault for Passenger Injury 24 July 2014
A New Era in Adjusting 16 December 2013
Reasonable safety of school visitors 22 October 2013
Whether defendants driving had fallen below standard of reasonable care 22 October 2013
Basis of contract clauses – Genesis v Liberty (2013) 22 October 2013
No reasonable opportunity for driver to avoid collision 22 October 2013
Owner of a go-kart deemed not liable for catastrophic injuries sustained by an acquaintance when using it 09 October 2013
Psychiatric's Report Deemed Excessive - unreasonably procured 09 October 2013
Failure to observe road markings increased culpability 30 August 2013
Claimant pedestrian sought damages from defendant bus company for personal injuries suffered after a road traffic accident 25 July 2013
Correct interpretation of a building services combined contractors liability arising out of the collapse of a tower crane at a construction site 25 July 2013
Black ice ruling saves driver from negligence claim 31 May 2013
"Belly flop" teenager fails with party paddling pool claim 31 May 2013
Court rules that cautious driver was as much to blame for accident as speedy motorcylist 31 May 2013
Common-sense ruling sets precedent for Company Directors claiming against themselves 31 May 2013
Lack of Training and Risk Assessment Partly blamed for fall 31 May 2013
Failure to spot rare disease did not amount to a breach of the duty of care 31 May 2013
No cover for drivers deliberate act 23 October 2012
Claim costs and its adjustment fundamentally flawed Insurer not entitled to make full recovery from negligent party 23 October 2012